The Process of Marine Flooring

1. Give us a call

We will chat with you about your project and give you all the options available. Depending on the project we can sometimes give you a rough estimate on price.

2. Digital Templating

We use a state of the art 3D plotter to digitally scan your surface. This insures we have an EXACT cut on your pads. This will ensure your install looks like it came from the factory! For this you can either bring your boat to us or we can come to you! This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. We take a deposit based on boat size to scan your job and that is deducted from the job total. 

3. CAD Drawing

After we have the scan we design your layout in CAD. At this point we can add custom logos, names or any other designs you may want. We can also add a pin line or teak depending on the look you are going for!

4. CNC Routing and Cutting

When everything is finalized we cut your kit on our CNC router. This insures every edge is perfect and everything is perfectly cut to specs. Marine Flooring in Huntsville Marine Flooring in Cullman

5. Installation

We have the kit! We will inform you and by this point we will probably already know your install time. Now we lay everything in the boat, you're all set and final payment is made!